How to be an Awesome Joint Venture Partner (And Win Launches!)

While in the company of some of the world's leading luminaries in the professional coaching community, we brainstormed around the best ways to demonstrate that you are an awesome JV partner who has what it takes to even win the big launches.These and other awesome tips were compiled at a VIP Mastermind in San Diego [...]

Coaches Console Founder Melinda Cohan Insists that a Smooth Back-end is the First Step for Coaches to Build Reliable Business Profits

"Don't confuse perfectionism with professionalism. Organization is the key to creating confidence to ask for and get new business. Streamlining the backend of any business takes reaction mode out of the equation to create reliable, predictable business results."- Business Building Vixen and Coaches Console Co-Founder Melinda Cohan (Left to Right: Melinda Cohan and Kate Steinbacher, Co-Founders [...]