Tammy RedmonSpecial thanks to Catalyst for Transformation Tammy Redmon for sharing step by easy step instructions for adding a “Bio” tab to the horizontal navigation of your Facebook fan page. Click here to learn how, and add your bio tab today.

Now, everyone who has a Facebook fan page has no reason NOT to post a bio tab to make it easy for their ideal clients and prospects to learn more about them.

How much content is best to post?  My recommendation is to offer a short blurb bio that gets to the magic of the value you bring.  A fan page for your business is still a  social networking page,  so leave the manifesto on your home page on your website or blog.

Do you agree or disagree?  Would love to hear your thoughts.

And, I'd love for each of you to rush to your Facebook fan page to put these instructions to work for you, while this is on your mind.  Ready, set, go!