Business owners are lining up to schedule their Rent Nancy’s PR Brain appointments, and sessions are open starting the week of April 13.  If this high value service interests you, check out the newest testimonial, generously shared by Fusion Works Alliance Founder Karen Steckler:

Karen Steckler“I witnessed firsthand the power of Nancy at one of her Publici-Tea™ workshops.  Nancy is the queen of ‘sound bites.’  I am so amazed at how effortlessly it is for her to quickly grasp a situation and recite it back to you in such a way that your chest swells with pride and you say to yourself, yep that’s my business!   After the workshop I decided to take advantage of Nancy’s brain and rent it for a couple hours to help revise our web site content.  In two short hours, Nancy was able to capture our business in a language that resonates with our target audience of women-owned businesses and coin a new term for us ‘business success cocktail’  — which is exactly what we offer.  You can see firsthand the power of Nancy’s brain at   I would highly recommend that you rent the power of Nancy.  It is an effective way to propel your marketing efforts and help you see yourself or your business in a new light.”

Karen Steckler, CPCC, CEO FusionWorks Alliance, Inc.

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