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Here is what people are saying about the Authentic Visibility tips booklets:

“Don’t spend any more time or money on your publicity campaign until you read these booklets. When it comes to forming strong relations with the print, broadcast and online media, Nancy Juetten clearly understands that getting publicity is all about building relationships with the media, and Publicity Hounds everywhere need to read her tips. These booklets are a fabulous crash course on how to be media-savvy.”

Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound,

“Solid, sound advice from writing an ezine to handling a media interview. Nancy Juetten’s booklets give you a quick checklist of everything you need to know about doing a publicity campaign.”

Susan Harrow, Media Coach, Marketing Strategist and Author of Promote Yourself without Selling Your Soul

“I read through the Authentic Visibility tips booklets and workbook this weekend, and really enjoyed them! The tone is terrific, they are easy to read and understand, and I picked up a few juicy morsels I can use right way to help promote my own business. I especially like the way the tips are interconnected, so it is more like a series of steps to reach a goal than a bunch of disparate pieces of information. These are definitely an excellent PR primer for any entrepreneur.”

Stacy Karacostas, Chief Navigator, Author, Speaker
SuccessStream Sales & Marketing Solutions

“Publicity is the great equalizer in marketing, and these get-to-the-point booklets will help you accomplish in days what some companies take years trying to figure out. These are definitely packed with insider secrets on how to win by making your name known.”

Henry DeVries, author of Client Seduction

“I just read Nancy Juetten’s ‘Authentic Visibility’ booklets and am newly equipped with so many ready-to-implement ideas for my clients and my own business. When colleagues in my circles talk about public relations experts, Nancy’s name inevitably comes up and for good reason. Nancy achieves the kind of success most of us dream of, and her clients benefit from Nancy’s desire to truly understand their business and then craft a story that magically meets the needs of the media that day.”

Lauri Jordana, Conexión Marketing,

“I LOVED reading these booklets. How inspiring and light, yet grounded and action-packed. It’s like INSTANT MEDIA SAVVY in a #10 envelope!”

Michele Lisenbury Christensen

“Any business owner would be well-advised to read and employ these valuable tips from a public relations pro who practices what she preaches. News from Nancy’s clients appears regularly in the pages of MARKETING because her offerings are timely, well-written and of great value to our readers. Ignore her experience-based wisdom at your own risk.”

Larry Coffman

“This booklet is a must for any small- or medium-sized business that wants to get its story in the media. Nancy Juetten has done a great job of pulling together all the tricks of the trade in a well-organized, easy-to-read format that is sure to be used as a go-to reference by anyone who is serious about obtaining instant media success.”

Cynthia Flash
Media consultant and owner
Flash Media Services

“I learned way more than 147 useful things for taking my business to the next level from reading Nancy Juetten’s brilliant, straightforward booklets. All audacious women business owners need Nancy’s sage, sassy advice.”

Jill Sheldon, Executive Coach– Riding Shotgun on Your Road to Success
Open Road Coaching & Consulting

“These booklets knocked my socks off! Direct from the publicity front lines, Nancy Juetten has created a booklet that is a one-of-a-kind, tell-all from a real insider. No dancing around the topic. No vague references. Nancy provides names, numbers and the questions to ask. This is a refreshing, honest and great resource for every business.”

Barbara Weg
Vice President
Advanced Powder Coating, Inc.

“The guidance that Nancy provides in these booklets is just amazing. She offers practical, grounded advice that anyone can successfully accomplish. Heck, I only focused on the first 10 steps and have already seen an increase in my business. Thank you Nancy for making it so simple.”

Sara Harvey Yao
“Get Candid! What’s the Unsaid Costing You?”

“The ‘97 Powerful Ways to Profit’ booklet is without a doubt the perfect bible for any small/medium business. What a no joke tool for managers, consultants, coaches and any individual with get up and go who needs PR direction. Follow Nancy’s steps and watch success flow in. It’s a sure bet in my book and one I intend to pass on and on and on. It is like winning the PR lottery.”

Sindy N. Todo

“…By using just a few of Nancy’s Authentic Visibility tips, I’ve dramatically increased the number of visits to my Website. I couldn’t be happier. PR was always a mystery to me. Now I find myself going back to Nancy’s tips again and again, trying a few more techniques. If I can do it, anyone can.”

Mikelann Valterra,
The Women’s Earning Institute

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