Aspiring Speakers: If You Want to Step Up to Bigger Stages, Get Ready First

Note: I wrote this article in 2012, and it bears repeating. James Taylor’s classic song “That’s Why I’m Here” offers lyrics that speak to the desires of many consultants, experts, authors and speakers to get known and get paid. He writes, “Fortune and fame. Such a curious game. Perfect strangers call you by name. Ask you to [...]

Tips to be a Super TV Guest from Broadcast Expert Janet Vasil

With all the excitement brewing about submitting videos for the Oprah Winfrey Network and beyond, it seems timely to share useful tips to be a super TV guest.  Here with a new guest blog post is Janet Vasil of Your Media Moment.   Take it away Janet! Polishing your TV interview skills takes time and [...]

On-Air Do’s and Don’ts for Authors from Broadcast Expert Janet Vasil

Today's broadcast tip of the day comes from Guest Blogger Janet Vasil of Your Media Moment and Beyond. Take it away Janet! Most authors have to do their own book promotion these days unless they are established stars. Consider interviews on radio and TV, even online podcasts and web TV, to promote yourself and your [...]

Pitching TV Talk Shows — What a Producer Really Wants

Just this month, I had the wonderful opportunity to make a pitch to a new daytime talk show in the Seattle area called New Day Northwest.   I read the press release and other stories about the show,  called to find out the best way to reach the lead producer, and I made what I thought [...]