On Ice Cream Cones and a Day that Went Very Wrong …

Here we are in the dog days of summer. Chances are you're enjoying all kinds of adventures and maybe even tasty ice cream cones to beat the heat. Sometimes I wish we sold ice cream cones instead of a tool to help families get ahead of life before life happens. It would be so much [...]

What if you got the bitter surprise that you were written out of the will?

What if you found out you were written out of the will after your last surviving parent died? Can you imagine the betrayal, the hurt, and the surprise? It could be enough to derail any sibling relationship or create rifts in the family that could last for generations to come. This is just one of [...]

What if you don’t want grandma’s dining room table?

A senior care center owner and I were talking the other day. Annette Pang has worked closely with adult children and their parents and extended families for years. I asked what kinds of conflicts come up, and I got an ear-full. > Who gets to decide if mom gets a new recliner or a new bed? > [...]