One person in your audience can make a world of difference!

One person in your audience can make a world of difference!

Did you see the movie La La Land?   It's a powerful, engaging, and visually brilliant story of dreams coming true in ways beyond expectations. And there is a pivotal moment in the film when the female lead delivers a one-woman-show to an audience that was far smaller than she had dreamed of. She stood up, [...]

THIS kind of organizing is a sock drawer of a completely different color!

Have you joined the millions of people who are binge-watching the new Netflix TV show starring Professional Organizer and New York Times Best-Selling Author Marie Kondo? If you haven’t yet heard of her, she’s a powerful advocate for the life-changing magic of tidying up. Her lessons about de-cluttering and deciding what stays or goes to [...]

9 Strategies to Becoming a Thought Leader—and a Media Darling

By Susan Harrow So many people call themselves thought leaders now – but they aren’t. To be a thought leader takes some doing. It’s not so much about being original as it is about putting things together in an original way. It comes down to packaging your knowledge, skills, abilities, experiences, and yes, your thoughts [...]

How I Filled My Virtual Workshop with One Inspired Email … and How You Can, Too

Virtual training events are a big part of my work. I lead teleclasses and webinars often for groups of inspired entrepreneurs who want to learn how to say bye-bye to those boring bios and get known to get paid for their winning ways.  And, filling those events can be challenging.The same can be said for [...]