The ‘Joint Venture Diet’ Begins … Do I Hear Trumpets in Celebration?

Summer is just about here.  That means a lot of folks are thinking about how to get swimsuit ready for the beach. For me, I am starting a different kind of diet. I am calling it my 'JV Diet.' That means I am NOT sending promotional emails to serve and promote my strategic partners for [...]

How to Create Revenue “In the Meantime”

Over the last 40 days or so, I've had my head down, creating a new way to serve. That meant applying a high level of laser focus on the new initiative that -- even for me -- was uncommon. Here is one thing about this that I think is pretty remarkable. >> I didn't worry [...]

A Joint Venture Primer: 6 Ways to Create a Reliable 5-Figure Revenue Stream

Imagine this: You walk to your mailbox tomorrow. Instead of a stack of bills, you find a check for $5000. A check you weren’t expecting. Sound the trumpets. Bring out the champagne. But wait. The next week, there’s a check for $1500 in your mailbox. And the following week, there are two checks -- one [...]

How to be an Awesome Joint Venture Partner (And Win Launches!)

While in the company of some of the world's leading luminaries in the professional coaching community, we brainstormed around the best ways to demonstrate that you are an awesome JV partner who has what it takes to even win the big launches.These and other awesome tips were compiled at a VIP Mastermind in San Diego [...]