The ‘Joint Venture Diet’ Begins … Do I Hear Trumpets in Celebration?

Summer is just about here.  That means a lot of folks are thinking about how to get swimsuit ready for the beach. For me, I am starting a different kind of diet. I am calling it my 'JV Diet.' That means I am NOT sending promotional emails to serve and promote my strategic partners for [...]

How to Create Revenue “In the Meantime”

Over the last 40 days or so, I've had my head down, creating a new way to serve. That meant applying a high level of laser focus on the new initiative that -- even for me -- was uncommon. Here is one thing about this that I think is pretty remarkable. >> I didn't worry [...]

A Joint Venture Primer: 6 Ways to Create a Reliable 5-Figure Revenue Stream

Imagine this: You walk to your mailbox tomorrow. Instead of a stack of bills, you find a check for $5000. A check you weren’t expecting. Sound the trumpets. Bring out the champagne. But wait. The next week, there’s a check for $1500 in your mailbox. And the following week, there are two checks -- one [...]