From Stuck at the Front Door to Six Figure Business in One Year

In April of 2011, my business was at a crossroads. My boutique publicity agency was struggling in the aftermath of the Great Recession. The media landscape was forever changed, thanks to the influence of social media. It was high time to take inspired and imperfect actions to reinvent my offerings to be more relevant in [...]

HARO! Wow, Thank You, and Lessons for You From My Winning Advertising Experience

Help a Reporter is one of my favorite media query services.  I scan the leads every day to seek out perfect media opportunities that can put my publicity and storytelling expertise in the spotlight.  Because I know that somewhere in the neighborhood of 135,000 and 200,000 spotlight seekers love and use this service, I made [...]

Listeners Enjoyed the Success Talk with Alison Marks — Highlights and Access!

I really enjoyed my "Success Talk with Alison Marks" today. She is the founder of 6 Figure Home Office.  Among the many things I shared were the eight Big Shift Affirmations I repeat to myself every day to stay focused on my biggest intentions for my life and work.   And, I revealed that each of [...]