On good karma, keeping it real and doing it my way …

Last week I delivered a masterclass on podcast guesting for good and profit to an appreciative audience of hundreds. I poured on the value and gave it my all. As it happens, there are folks who love the content and feel satisfied. There are those who love the content and decide to enroll to get [...]

Turn book browsers into buyers with your brilliant bio that opens the door

Here is access to a training I delivered at the request of Best Selling Book Coach Kelly Woodhouse Falardeau for her community of forthcoming authors. If you have a forthcoming book in the works, start with the end in mind. What are the words you'll showcase on the back cover of your book to turn [...]

One Good Thing Leads to Another …

Have you ever thought that one opportunity or a flash of chance could shift the direction of your life, your career, or your business? What if you won the lottery or the Publisher’s Clearing House Giveaway tomorrow? In an instant, you could pay off your debts, give money to your family, and step into a [...]

Replay: Podcast guesting for good and profit

Replay: Podcast guesting for good and profit

This limited time only replay of a training I gave for an appreciative group of Toastmasters is ideal for speakers, experts and authors who want to learn more about podcast guesting for good and profit.  Be sure to visit the show notes for access to useful and free resources to bring even more value.