An amazing team is greater than the sum of its parts

Have you ever wanted to be part of something bigger than what you could achieve on your own? This is something I've longed for. It started in the 1970's while watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show on TV.  The cast of that show was just so magical, and together they were greater than any one [...]

6 Months of Powerful Lessons in 2016 — What are Yours?

With the first six months of 2016 coming to a close, I took to my journal to reflect on accomplishments achieved so far.  The most important part of this exercise is identifying what I have learned. The lessons have been bountiful and humbling at the same time. I've decided to share my lessons on the [...]

9 Strategies to Becoming a Thought Leader—and a Media Darling

By Susan Harrow So many people call themselves thought leaders now – but they aren’t. To be a thought leader takes some doing. It’s not so much about being original as it is about putting things together in an original way. It comes down to packaging your knowledge, skills, abilities, experiences, and yes, your thoughts [...]

Budget Friendly Solutions to Heal that Boring Business Bio

Going bigger in your business is one thing. Having the budget to get the support you need to make it real can be another.  I heard from so many of you that you want my support getting your bios ready to rock, but you desire options that are more budget friendly. Great news. The menu [...]

WordPress Expert Christina Hills Shares Fundamentals of Online Business Today

WordPress Expert and my good friend Christina Hills is holding a FREE webinar TODAY called "The Fundamentals of Online Marketing." This is NOT one of those webinars where an expert will talk about new online marketing tactics laced with marketing and technology jargons, instead she teaches in an easy to understand, down to earth way. [...]