Words that Speak to Me in 2012

Words are my favorite currency, and I've been reflecting a bit on my favorites -- especially when it comes to showing up and loving my life and work the most.  Among the words I love most are noted below, matched with their opposite.   My intention is to have these words be TRUE for how I [...]

How is Your Business Garden Growing?

A few days in sunny, gracious, magnificent Victoria British Columbia certainly lifted my spirits and opened my eyes of rainbows of new possibilities for my life and business. For the first time in years, I stayed officially "unplugged" from Facebook, Twitter, this blog, and every other aspect of technology and just focused on relaxation, enjoying [...]

Are You the Ultimate Oprah Show Viewer?

Call me crazy, but I just might have the juice to qualify for this contest.  Do you?  Here is the link to share your story.  Here is mine: Oprah's been with me through every major life transition of my life -- big or small -- over 25 years as I've worked to find my voice, [...]

Puppy Sitting, Ball Chasing, and Memories of a Special Dog Since Passed

It's summertime, and the neighbors are on a three-week tour or Europe. The good news for me is that I am enjoying the puppy energy and fun of puppy-sitting for Scooby, the yellow lab.  Scooby and Shadow,  my golden retriever, are having the time of their lives.  Running around in the yard chasing balls looks [...]

It’s Time for the 2010 Quirky Marketing Calendar

Need some creative inspiration to plan a fabulous and inspired year of marketing activities?  Check this out -- The Quirky Marketing Calendar: 365 Ways to Grow Your Business Using Zany and Non-traditional Holidays.  The projects and ideas in this ebook will help you create your own unique marketing calendar that you can use year after [...]

A Tall Drink of Water

Would it surprise you to learn that in my stocking feet, I stand almost six feet tall?  I mention this because I met three amazing business owners at the Robert Middleton Info Guru Summit in the Bay Area last weekend who were surprised enough by my stature to comment on it.  (By the way, in [...]