The Vern Yip – Seattle Design Center Coverage for Eye on Design 2009 Keeps Coming

I am happy to report that winning editorial coverage for the Vern Yip/Seattle Design Center Eye on Design 2009 event continues to roll in AFTER the event.  Here is the latest story by Yoon Park in ColorsNW magazine. Seattle Design Center invested meaningfully in paid advertising to bring attention to Eye on Design 2009.  The [...]

Are You Thankful? This Video is Timely, Now More than Ever

The media would have us believe that the sky is falling and there is nothing to look forward to as we all watch with worry and wonder about what is going on with the financial crisis and what will unfold with the upcoming presidential election. Sue Lundquist, a local author and parent, was featured on [...]

Tacoma News Tribune Profiles Olympic Hot Tub Company

Check out this link to a story in today's Tacoma News Tribune about Alice Cunningham and Olympic Hot Tub Company. This story resulted from a story pitch to CR Roberts that made mention of how Cunningham continues to reinvent how she connects with customers and prospects, even as she celebrates her 31st anniversary of doing [...] Reporter Comes Calling Again, Resulting in Big Ink for This CFP™

My husband Steve Juetten, a Certified Financial Planner™, was delighted to get interviewed for a story on a while back. It turns out the reporter thought highly of his expertise and commentary because she called a second time to enlist Juetten's commentary about another timely topic that is giving folks a run for their [...]

Free Publicity Saves the Day — and the Life of Daisy Mae

I am a sucker for a good dog story, and I was moved to tears when I heard the story of Daisy Mae. This pup was born with a spinal problem that made it tough for her to use her hind legs. She was abandoned and later taken in by Rescue Pup, a relief agency. [...]