How to bring more of the right people to your next online challenge

How to bring more of the right people to your next online challenge

Aside from delivering brilliant content with authenticity and spirit that can transform lives and businesses, among the most important levers to pull to ensure the success of your next online challenge is to do everything within your power to bring more of the right people to participate. How do you do that? Since the next [...]

What are your favorite and most consistent lead generation methods?

Of all these lead generation methods, which are your Top 5? Direct messaging Asking for referrals from clients and prospects Showing up as a guest expert on other peoples' platforms Blog posts Live Video on Facebook, Linked In and beyond Leverage your email list Use text messaging Podcast guesting Tap into Facebook groups other than your [...]

Amazon #1 in Four Categories — Thank You for the Support!

On Monday afternoon, my book PREVIEW for the Bye-Bye Boring Bio 2020 Workbook achieved Amazon #1 Best-Seller Status in four categories. #1 New Releases -- Communication Skills #1 45-Minute Quick Reads for Money and Business #1 Advertising #1 New Releases - Running Meetings and Presentations #5 Running Meeting and Presentations Today, it is STILL #1 [...]

An amazing team is greater than the sum of its parts

Have you ever wanted to be part of something bigger than what you could achieve on your own? This is something I've longed for. It started in the 1970's while watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show on TV.  The cast of that show was just so magical, and together they were greater than any one [...]