Technology Diet Revelations from the Screen-Free Trenches

Just imagine what you would do with your time and life if you had no access to the screens that consume your attention, just about every day, so it seems.  As you walk down a crowded street, notice how many people are walking "heads down" -- staring at their phones instead of watching where they [...]

The Best Social Media is Still Person to Person

On Tuesday, I am among four speakers who will be talking about social media in some shape or form at the Constant Contact Business Conference at the Columbia Winery.  The event is "sold out" with 150 or more people on the wait list, so this topic is resonating with a great many people.  And, while [...]

Social Media Wow with George Kao Webinar is Today at 10 a.m. PST

If you would like to learn a few new skills to make the most of your 15-minutes a day with social media, don't miss today's live webinar with Social Media Expert George Kao from 10:oo a.m. - 11:30 a.m. PST.   My new Facebook Fan Page is going to serve as our chat room for your [...]

Social Media Expert George Kao Gently Guides Me to Step Out on Facebook

Yesterday I ventured out to Facebook to set up a Nancy Juetten Fan Page.  To say that I was nervous about this is a bit of an understatement.   I've been leading with my Extreme Bio Makeover Salon and the Publici-Tea™ pages for a while, as opposed to standing on my own name. Social Media Expert [...]

Make Your 15-Minutes on Social Media Pay Off with George Kao

Social media can be huge time taker without discipline, focus, and a plan to use it wisely.  That is why I would love for you to join me for a LIVE webinar with Social Media Expert George Kao on April 12 from 10-11:30 a.m. PST.  We'll meet up at the Extreme Bio Makeover Salon Fan [...]

5 Tips to Get Your Business OUT of the Shadows and INTO the Spotlight

If you’re a coach, consultant, speaker, author, trainer, or other service professional, then you have a powerful message to share with the world and your business is how you get it out there. What good is that message is it’s hidden in the shadows and no one can find you? It’s time to get your [...]

Yes – You Too Can Add Video To Your Facebook Wall — Gina O’Daniel Explains

Today, my guest blogger is Gina O'Daniel -- a talented graphic designer who also has quite a talent for video production.   I've engaged her to create a sassy video to capture the magic that unfolds at the December 10 Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing Summit.  I can't wait to see what she and her team create! [...]

Why Your Event Needs a Hashtag on Twitter

If you are a newbie to social media, my guess is that you are saying to yourself, "What is a hashtag, and why do I need one anyway."  Did I get that right? Hail to Constant Contact for explaining in very clear terms why your event needs a hashtag on Twitter.  Click here to read [...]

Sven Mogelgaard of Byte Slaves Inc. Shares More LinkedIn Video Posting Tips

Let the good how-to information keep flowing for those of you who want to upload your video links to LinkedIn.  Kelsey Foster's prior post has been quite popular and much appreciated. Today, I share another guest post from Sven Mogelgaard of Byte Slaves Inc. And, I worked through his first video placement instructions and quickly [...]