Clients Versus Prospects — Do the Math and See What You Learn

Here is an interesting and revealing exercise to start the New Year.== Determine how many people on your list are CLIENTS, and how many are PROSPECTS -- in actual numbers and by percentage. == Does the number surprise you, delight you, or create dismay? == Recommit to NURTURING your CLIENTS in new and unexpected ways. [...]

Want to IGNITE MORE COURAGE to make your best impact in 2015?

Take these steps out for a spin and see if they guide you to the clarity and big impact you crave in life and business.I – Identify Big Intention for Big Impact.G – Game Plan Creation.N – Name Desired Results.I – Initiate Inspired Action.T – Take Tenacious Steps Over Time to Make the Big Intention [...]

How to Go Premium in Your Business and Life – Starting Today

I got up at 3 a.m. PST this morning to watch a video without interruptions. It was about how to change the character of my business by emphasizing high end clients. And while the information was review for me, it was a timely moment to take in the information again. I realize that I have [...]

Who is YOUR Mentor? Top Business Coach Bill Baren Was Mine

Right about this time of year, business owners around the world go shopping for mentors. I know ... because I do the same thing.The best way to grow bigger in your business is to work with someone who can call you forward to dream bigger than you can on your own and hold you accountable for [...]

How Many New Clients Can You Engage Between Now and August 30?

That is a challenge.  And I am going to play right along with you.What events can you attend?What actions can you take?What amazing conversations can you have to connect with more of the right people and engage more of the right clients?Between Lisa Cherney, Christian Mickelsen, Sharla Jacobs and Bill Baren, there is no absence [...]