Local Publicity Pays Off in “This Or Something Better” Kinds of Ways

If Facebook Advertising isn't your lead generation tool of choice and strategic partnerships (or joint ventures) feel premature for your new offering, what can you do to build the buzz? Try local publicity! My husband and I each have mature businesses doing what we do. This summer, we've been building the buzz for our newest [...]

Fran’s Chocolates CEO Gives Good Press Part of the Credit for Robust Sales Growth

Did you see the story about Fran's Chocolates in yesterday's Puget Sound Business Journal?   The White House is now offering custom-label boxes of this local company's extraordinary chocolates to dignitaries and others. Columnist Patti Payne writes: "Fran’s Chocolates are right now in a drawer in the Oval Office, in specially created boxes doled out by [...]

Even in Tough Times, Local Businesses Play Ball — A Cheer for Local Publicity

This is a very well written and moving article that ran in the Saturday, April 18 issue of the Seattle Times.  Mark Cutshall makes a strong case that generous, local businesses and service groups can always be counted on to step up and invest in the things that matter most to us in the communities [...]

Are You a Candidate for “Geek of the Week” in the Seattle PI?

Every Monday, the Seattle Post Intelligencer offers a profile of a Puget Sound executive they refer to as "Geek of the Week."  Geek of the Week is a regular feature spotlighting local personalities in the tech world.  If you would like to nominate someone -- including yourself -- for potential feature, you can visit www.seattletechreport.com [...]