[Celebrating 18 Years] Igniting Even More Courage for the Next Leg in My Entrepreneurial Journey and Inviting YOU to Ignite Yours!

February 2, 2020 is my 18-year business anniversary. Such a magical date and what an incredible, ever-changing journey. This video about Igniting Courage feels fitting to share on this day. [youtube][/youtube] The message is still so relevant today for me as I find ways to give Life Goes On Roadmap wings to fly and tend [...]

Why did we wait so long to create a REAL website for our start up?

[youtube][/youtube] [Click on the video to watch.] I've been a Get Known Get Paid mentor for many years and have worked with many clients who are in start up mode. What I've noticed is that clients have a bright idea for a new business and are super excited about creating an awesome website to serve [...]